Tetris Worlds Online Edition Review

There can only be one victor, which looks to make for some high-speed, high-stakes Tetris playing. More often than not, you’ll be cheesed out by players who luck out with an early combo, stack 20 lines worth of garbage on you, and absolutely crap all over your board. Unless you can play with the speed and precision of a borderline Tetris grandmaster, you will not get much enjoyment out of this game.

If you’re looking for other casual classics, you can play the best versions of Solitaire on Windows or ditch the classics completely by getting started on Steam or another PC gaming platform. Tetris 99 pits that many players against each other in an extended Tetris match where garbage blocks can come from any other player, but you can send them back their way as well, of course. Tetris 99 has been a stand-out inclusion of Nintendo’s much lamented Nintendo Switch Online service since the game’s launch in February 2019. Offering frenetic battles against 98 other human players at the same time, the game found a vast following from hardcore Tetris players and those engrossed in the battle royale boom of the time.


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  • This allows you to decide who you will send rows of garbage blocks to as you clear rows from your board.
  • The instantly recognizable Super Mushroom from the Super Mario franchise makes a solid gift for gamers because who doesn’t love a Mario game?
  • This kind of victory, punctuated by pleasant plinking sound effects, is one of the more satisfying moments I’ve had in a puzzle game in my career as a critic.

Knocking out players with Badges gives the player all Play Tetris Free Online Game Tetris of their Badges. Marathon mode is something of a staple throughout the Tetris series, so it’s nice to see it come to Tetris 99. From battle royales to MOBAs to a surprise RPG, we’ve rounded up a list of the best free Nintendo Switch games you can play right now. Players will be able to attack others with garbage to make their game’s more challenging. As usual with battle royale, the last-person standing will win.

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Therefore, did I have to play less efficiently to earn more stars? Anyway, you can tackle computer opponents in any of the available modes and can even attempt Endurance variations to see how many foes you can beat in a row. The former has players filling out rows of Tetris blocks of the same shape or Puyos of the same colors to clear the board the fastest and whittle away their opponent’s health. It’s a fast-paced mode that gets even crazier the more competitors there are.

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I haven’t played Tetris 99 for awhile, always happy for an excuse to play a few rounds. This event will begin later this week on 22nd April and will run through until 25th April. If you decide to join in on the fun, you’ll be able to unlock a special Kirby theme. Switch Online automatically uploads all of your save data to Nintendo’s servers. This means that even if your console is lost or damaged, you won’t lose your progress.

I did play Fortnite for much more hours than I want to admit, and I guess I kind of enjoyed it, but it still was really unpolished and quite boring at times. I would like to start with the most basic thing, controls. The controls are fine, I can do fine with using a d-pad to move, but that is pretty much the only control method available. What about the people that would like to use the Joystick to move? That just isn’t possible at least when I’m writing this and I doubt they will change this. The only controls you can change are the most useless ones, who you want to target.